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Who am I?

Hello I’m Aaron,

I am a kid at heart, who loves education and music. I have been fortunate enough to build my career on these two passions. I graduated from the University of Valley Forge with a degree in music education in 2011.

Since then, I moved to Los Angeles, where I performed, wrote, and recorded with various artist. I now reside in Chicago where I also work as a music director for Parkview Church and an educator with arts-n-ed collaborative.

What is Elevate Guitar Method?

It’s simple! It is access to hundreds of video lessons that I have put together over the many, many years of teaching (more than a decade). It occurred to me this past year that I have taught hundreds of songs to hundreds of students since I first started teaching in 2006. After teaching the same songs over and over I realized, I know what songs can help students grow the most and I know how to teach them so they make sense and are easy to learn. So, I decided to put this website together where my students can access all those songs I’ve put together over the years. I started with 50 video lessons and I regularly upload more every week. This database will in time be invaluable to students and I’m sure it will exceed hundreds of videos. After all, I probably teach 10-15 new songs every week between all my students.; why not grant access to these lessons to everyone instead of simply the one student who requested the song. Upon starting this I decided to make a subscription based program where others who want access can get their hands on these video lessons too. So, you don’t have to be a private student of mine to learn from myself! Plus this could save you so much money in the long run.

Private Lessons

With private lessons you have direct access to myself: to request songs, ask questions, and mold your musical journey with me pushing you along the way. As incredible as the videos are, sometimes you just need an instructor to guide you more. That’s why I am still taking on students for weekly lessons. You’ll have your one-on-one and access to all my video uploads, the best of both worlds!

Subscription Program

If you are the type to motivate and guide yourself through your playing, then don’t pay monthly lesson prices. Instead, pay a fraction of my lesson prices and still get access to all my video teachings of songs that you are sure to love. 

One-time purchase

If you want to shop my lessons, check them out at the store to make a one-time purchase and download of my elevation packs. Included are exercises, tabs, and videos where I break down specific concepts, genres, techniques, and styles. These packs will be sure to help you get where you want to go!